Indiana Football Players Go On A Slip ‘N Slide, With Grave Consequences

Big Ten Network reporter Tom Dienhart was at Indiana University’s football practice on Tuesday, and he captured one of those wonderful moments that remind college football fans that the players are just big kids, not gods of athletics (certainly not at Indiana) or purpose-built automata. The Hoosiers had a massive Slip ‘N Slide for everyone to enjoy as a cooldown from practice. Aw, that’s nice. But among all the laughter and horseplay, this video has a darkside.

Note the player left lying — nay, writhing — on the ground once all the others have gotten up to allow the next round to enjoy. We can’t identify him (Hoosier fans? Help us out? Sorry for the burn in the last paragraph), but if you watch the video carefully from the beginning, you can identify the source of his pain — a multi-second kick to the nards.

Why in the name of all that is holy would a man go down a Slip ‘N Slide feet-first? And with other people in it, to boot! What kind of savage would just put his teammate’s gentlemen in harm’s way like that? Whoever he is, he owes his victim a drink. Their teammates aren’t helping either — all our poor soul gets is one mocking defibrillation. That’s cold.

(Via Tom Dienhart)