Obama Has Doomed Michigan State According To This Taiwanese Animation

“Every president needs an outlet” is the introduction to the latest and possibly greatest effort from the geniuses behind the Taiwanese animations. In it, we see the pot-smoking President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his love of college basketball, as he’s making Republican heads explode from watching SportsCenter instead of making decisions, and breaking Joe Biden’s ankles in a game of one-on-one before high-fiving one of his best friends from ESPN.

But as we pretty much already know, Obama’s NCAA Tournament picks are almost always a bad omen for one unlucky team, and that honor goes to the Michigan State Spartans this year. El Presidente has only picked the correct winner once in the last six years, and America demands that the President should not only have testicles that could crush Vladimir Putin, but he should also be psychic. THANKS FOR NOTHING, OBAMA.