Even Jerry Rice Is Amazed By This Odell Beckham, Jr. One-Handed Catch

It’s easy to see why Odell Beckham Jr. impresses all of us common folk on a week to week basis, most of us could never dream of being able to catch any pass thrown in the NFL let alone with one hand. But you’d think it should be a lot harder to impress one of the best receivers ever to play the game.

Not for OBJ. With the Pro Bowl going with a schoolyard picks format this year, Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice are the two respective captains and Rice took the chance to see Beckham up close and personal by picking him for his team. The clip above is from practice on Friday, and you can see that Jerry clearly can’t even believe what Beckham makes routine.

To top things off, Jerry Rice picked Jarvis Landry to be his other starting receiver, meaning he’s got two guys on the wings who only need one hand to secure a catch. Hell, considering the Pro Bowl doesn’t really count for anything, we’d be all for the two former LSU teammates just putting on a show. If they’re good enough to make Jerry Rice incredulous, they’ll certainly be good enough for us.

Also, let’s just watch that OBJ catch again. You know, just because.