Obnoxious Fan Gets His Way

07.15.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

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I’ve always sympathized with celebrities and athletes who go to organized events where they’re supposed to deal with every jackass who approaches them. While I’m sure they do have some fun and thoughtful discussions while there, they’ve probably had to answer the same questions a thousand times. Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter experienced the dark side of fandom at All-Star Fan Fest earlier this week.

I’ve been receiving e-mails about a particular video that was just posted on YouTube. A fan shot this video during All-Star Fan Fest. When he asked Hall of Famer Gary Carter to sign a picture for his kid, Carter said “No” and all parties get angry. Security had to get involved. Well you’re just going to have to see the video. By the way, I was at Fan Fest yesterday. I’ll upload pictures later today.

Look, Tony Gwynn didn’t sign anything but a 8×10 picture that was made from State Farm. I’m not defending Carter, but if you already know he’s not going to sign anything else, why create a scene? I got Gwynn’s autograph knowing that I was ONLY going to get a 8×10 picture. He wasn’t going to sign anything else.

Security involvement was funny. He got in the fans face just to show up on YouTube. That’s all. Just watch it… –Vin Scully is My Homeboy via Sports Illustrated

Getting an autograph for your kid is a noble cause, but putting a camera in Gary’s face and “threatening” to put the video on Youtube isn’t the way to go about doing so. Sure, he got what he wanted, but set a horrible example for the youngsters in the process. Maybe letting your kid get denied an autograph would be a better life expierence for him than watching his dad pester a guy who’s sick of signing crap for ungrateful fans. Now, you’re just teaching him that if acts like a big enough douchebag, he can whine until he gets what he wants. You’ve probably seen this guy bitching incessantly at the umpire over balls and strikes at your kid’s little games. Video after the jump.

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