Odell Beckham Jr.’s Christmas Cleats Are Pretty Fantastic

Odell Beckham, Jr.’s Christmas spirit is unmatched, because the New York Giants’ star young wide receiver is wearing the most amazing pair of holiday cleats for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. Here are the various elements of these bad boys:

  1. They’re green and silver with a red swoosh and glitter all over them, meaning that they’re fun and Roger Goodell will probably fine him $200,000,000 or something.
  2. They light up on the side with these little red lights, which we’ve never seen in a pair of sneakers before.
  3. The laces are green and have adorable little candy canes on them. There are also small fake presents on the laces.

These are, unquestionably, the silliest cleats that we’ve ever seen. Here is a video of them from the Giants’ Instagram account:

Look at those festive little things. Ideally Nike sells them one of these days so we can all spend way too much money purchasing these.