Odell Beckham Jr. Shared His Joy At Seeing A Young Fan’s Reaction To Getting His Jersey For Christmas


Much to the NFL’s chagrin, Odell Beckham Jr. is an elite touchdown celebrator. He also doesn’t seem the sort of dude that’d be thrilled someone beat him at his own game, but an instantly viral video of a young fan receiving his jersey and bursting into a beam of pure joy has the Giants wideout beat in the celebration department, and OBJ couldn’t be happier for it.

The clip above has blown up online and eventually made its way to Beckham, who shared his own message of joy in drinking in the holiday magic for himself. Naturally, the video has cracked over one million views before the 24 hour mark.

“When I tell u it’s these moments that make everything worth it, the ups and downs of life in general,” Beckham wrote in the Instagram clip’s accompanying caption. “The drama and unnecessary bs i go through on a daily basis. I just wanna thank God for being able to impact lives, young man get this jersey to me somehow. I’ll make sure to sign it for u. Truly truly blessed. #HappyHolidays”

A signed jersey seems like an excellent idea, but maybe this awesome young fan and his family deserve a sneaky financial cut too if Giants merch sees a massive sales spike thanks to this video.

(Via Giants Wire)