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Um, so I kinda didn't do an NBA preview (although today's Saint Andrew's Net is an all-basketball affair worth your perusal).  You'll forgive me for not ringing a triangle and announcing to the entire ranch the arrival of the NBA season.  Don't get me wrong: it's nice to have hoops back, but it's a long trudge through the winter months until teams kick it into high gear and the games feel like they matter.  So I welcome back the NBA not with a loving grope, but with a polite pat on the ass.  Here are last night's scores:

Rockets 95, Lakers 93
Kobe gets announced to the home crowd; home crowd boos.  Kobe drops 45; home crowd cheers.  But Shane Battier's 3-pointer with 2.5 seconds left lifted the Rockets to a win in Rick Adelman's debut for Houston.

Jazz 117, Warriors 96
Eh, just roll the tape from last year's conference semis.  Boozer dominates, Deron Williams slashes and dishes, and AK-47 plays some inspired, tear-free minutes.  White people cheer, go to Thailand to spread Christianity.

Spurs 106, Blazers 97
This game was interesting right up until the point Greg Oden had knee surgery a month ago.  Tim Duncan went for 24/13 and a contract extension, while Tony Longoria had 19 and a pedicure.  In related news, I fucking hate the Spurs.  And San Antonio ain't no pleasure palace neither.  That fantastic River Walk you always hear about?  It's a sewer.

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