06.19.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

Giants quarterback and wife Abby McGrew attended a fancy-pants party at the Whitney Museum on Tuesday, and the New York Post managed to find some random woman to talk shit about them.

Abby McGrew's dress is "too short, too tight, and doesn't fit well. The zipper doesn't zip and she's bursting out of it," said Linda Mann, head of Mann Media, who was eyeing photos of the beauty yesterday.  As for Super Bowl MVP Eli, Mann said he was a bit underdressed at the trendy happening.

Couple things here.  1. Look at photos from the night.  Eli's not underdressed, and tons of women there (notably Rachel Bilson — rowr!) were wearing short, tight dresses.  2. How much higher does the zipper need to zip?  That kinda looks like zipped up to me.  And even if it didn't, there's nothing wrong with chicks with big boobs bursting out of dresses.  3. Hey Linda Mann, you ain't exactly the prom queen, so maybe you're not the expert we're looking for.

Look, I'm the first person to say that Eli Manning looks like a 10-year-old who got a Big-esque wish to become a pro quarterback, but there's no need to be excessively cunty.  That's Ann Coulter's job.

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