Oh Nothing, Just A Guy Deadlifting 1,155-Pounds To Set A New World Record

03.19.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Deadlift record

The 2014 Arnold Strongman Competition took place two weeks ago, but I must not have noticed because I was doing, like, a million pushups. Seriously, I just couldn’t stop doing pushups and blasting my biceps, abs, pecs, um… flats and trabs, dopes, bangs and sluts. You know, the basic muscle groups. Anyway, Zydrunas Savickas was the big winner, edging out Brian Shaw by two points, and he really drove home the point by breaking the world record for deadlift by basically picking up a small car.

Specifically, Savickas deadlifted a bar with eight tires that combined to weigh an absurd 1,155-pounds, and I’m told by people who have lifted weights before that this is a very impressive feat. But can he eat 12 tacos in one sitting? I didn’t think so.

And to perfectly capture the “Hey bro, you see this?” moment of Savickas’s lift, here’s the only GIF that matters…


(H/T to Guyism)

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