The Ohio State Band Put On A ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Halftime Spectacular

The Ohio State Buckeyes turned a ranked Big Ten showdown with Wisconsin into an afterthought on a college football Saturday that was filled with some enticing matchups. The fireworks for the Buckeyes came in the second half, as the No. 3 team in the nation only led the No. 13 Badgers 10-0 at the break.

Perhaps it was halftime adjustments that made the difference on Saturday, but it’s much more likely that everyone in the Horseshoe got amped the hell up when the Ohio State Marching Band put on a SpongeBob SquarePants tribute once the football stopped halfway through Saturday’s matchup.

The band hit the field and pulled out all the stops, starting a call-and-answer with the crowd that starts the show’s theme song.

“ARE YOU READY KIDS?” the voice asked, as the crowd responded “aye aye captain.” What followed was an impressive rendition of the theme song, aided by the band literally transforming into various objects and characters from the show. SpongeBob, of course, was displayed, but also Gary the Snail, a show-realistic boat, and jellyfishes.

The letters “F U N” also showed up, from another infamous SpongeBob song. Patrick also danced around, and one great moment was when the band formed Plankton and put a Krabby Patty in his hands. They also showed off SpongeBob’s pineapple home. All in all, it was pretty tremendous.

It’s not the first time this season a band has paid tribute to a beloved show, as the Iowa band played “5000 Candles In The Wind” from Parks and Recreation earlier this year. Still, it’s impressive the staying power a show like SpongeBob has had in pop culture long after it started airing on Nickelodeon. And the band really crushed it.