Ole Miss Football Has An Incredible ‘Nasty Wide Outs’ Championship Belt

It’s been a great year for college football sideline apparel that gets passed around as players make a big play of sorts. For example, down at the University of Miami, the Hurricanes have something called a “turnover chain” that is just terrific. It is a unique and clever way to incentivize fighting for the football if you are a member of the Miami defense, and I have yet to see any proof that its existence is not the main reason why the ‘Canes are undefeated on the year.

Meanwhile, down at Ole Miss, we have a piece of sideline gear that might be even better. This is the Nasty Wide Outs championship belt, and as you can probably guess, the logo on the title is taken right from the nWo.

This, obviously, is a fantastic idea and the fact that it took until 2017 for someone to come up with it is kind of unfortunate. For the backstory, it all started when the team hired receivers coach Jacob Peeler this offseason. He had the idea to give the unit an identity and looked to WCW in the 1990s for inspiration.

“It’s a camaraderie deal. It’s our identity basically,” Peeler said. “It’s within our group. It’s our own fraternity with the team. I introduced it the first night I got here.”

“I was basically looking for something to go with. Everybody remembers the NWO when we were in seventh grade,” Peeler said. “There was a lot of people that remember that back in the day. I think they were New World Order, we’re Nasty Wide Outs. It’s a little bit different.”

The Rebels aren’t especially great this season — they’re 4-5, although seeing as how their head coach resigned a month and a half before the year started, you can argue that’s pretty impressive. But still, they deserve a ton of praise for having a coach on their staff who went “let’s take the nWo’s logo, slap it on a championship belt, call our receiver group ‘Nasty Wide Outs.'”