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Meet Gro Hammerseng (right) and Katja Nyberg.  Hammerseng is the captain of the women's handball team for Norway, and Nyberg is her teammate — and partner.  And not like business partner.  More of a leisure partner, if you know what I'm sayin'.  And I think you do.

Team chemistry
Hammerseng and Norway national Katja Nyberg also play together on Danish professional team Ikast-Bording. And, they're a couple. Hammerseng first expressed her love to Nyberg during the 2006 Championships after Norway had won the gold, and Nyberg was sitting in the stands, drawing an imaginary heart in the air directed towards her lover. Nyberg reciprocated the gesture.

Together at last
For awhile Hammerseng and Nyberg were forced to play apart during club season, as Nyberg plied her trade in Slovenia. Happily, the Danish club found a spot for Nyberg.

I know I spend a lot of time calling things gay and making fun of the lesbians in my neighborhood that wear cargo pants and mustaches, but honestly, it's pretty cool to see world-class athletes out of the closet and comfortable with who they are.  Homophobia keeps way too many athletes — and bloggers — in the closet.  Pssst!  Call me, Tom Brady!

(Thanks to Steinz for the tip; nice gallery of Hammerseng HERE

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