Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso Wants To Show You Her Buttcrack, But She Has To Hold Her Hair On

I promise that headline will make more sense when you see the picture.

GQ interviewed Olympic silver medalist skier Julia Mancuso and managed to make it about her underwear, because of course they did.

“It is not a shock to me when I have a good race,” the 29-year-old alpine skier says. “I started to tell people I’d just worn my lucky underwear.” And then, in 2010, she actually designed an underwear line, Kiss My Tiara, so there’s truth to the snark. Lucky underwear alone, though, can’t account for Mancuso’s Olympic gold medal (in the giant slalom at Turin in 2006) or her two silvers (in Vancouver in 2010). Or, for that matter, the strong odds that she’ll medal again this year in Sochi.

They also included a photo, which I’m sharing with you for two reasons:

1. She’s beautiful, and
2. She is illustrating the least effective way to go to the bathroom ever.

I know you want everybody in your magazine to look like they’re in the Marvel swimsuit issue or whatever, but you end up in these situations where a lady’s reaching behind her to hook the back of her dress and pull it down enough so you can see butt cleavage. It becomes less sexy, and more “how’s she gonna medal with her arms out of socket” with a dash of “why’s that red blanket there?”

Regardless, she’s beautiful, and here’s Julia Mancuso trying to show you her buttcrack but being afraid her hair will fall off.

See? Total sense.