A Gym’s Windows Were Shattered After This Olympic Hopeful’s Lift Went Wrong

Lifting weights is really hard when you’re trying to lift something especially heavy. Anyone can curl 10 pound dumbbells, but trying to snatch, clean, and jerk a lot of weight is extremely difficult.

That doesn’t just go for a random person at any gym in a country, that’s also the case for Olympic-caliber weightlifters. This includes Mattie Rogers, who may make it to the Rio Olympics this summer. While Rogers was lifting on Monday, the barbell slipped out of her hands and fell to the ground.

Like most heavy, rolling things, it was hard for anyone to stop this – especially Rogers, who understandably needed a second to compose herself. Eventually, the barbell stopped, but only because it rolled through a window and glass shattered all over the place.

The aftermath from the accident was documented in another video.

If there is a positive here, it’s that when we usually hear about weightlifting accidents, someone ends up getting hurt pretty badly. So for the only bad thing to happen in this video is a broken window, well, that’s preferable to someone getting injured.

But still, this isn’t the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen. Fortunately Rogers is a bit of a badass, so we don’t expect to see any incidents like this if she makes it to Rio this year.

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