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Kansas City Royals starter Zack Greinke made his first All-Star team. The rosters for the Mid-Summer Waste Of Time have been released, and Greinke, whose waif-like 2.00 ERA made him a lock for selection, or one would have assumed. But stealing some of Greinke’s press is Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. He throws knuckleballs. Knuckle. Balls. Heh. From Y! Sports:

“He’s meant so much not only to the Red Sox but to the rest of baseball,” Francona said. “He’s going to be introduced in St. Louis next week and he’s going to be one of the prouder guys.”

I just heard John Kruk on Van Pelt’s show say that, outside of one’s first appearance, playing in the All-Star Game is a pain in the ass, as it involves taking on things that players would rather not do, and that’s fine. I really think, in this highlight reel era of sports coverage, that the All-Star Game is outdated. Just scrap it because nobody cares. The best recourse? Fly all of the would-be All-Stars to Miami next year and make them play the AFC in the Pro Bowl. At least that way Adam Dunn has a chance of hitting something.

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