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Lemmings are indigenous to northern climes, which is a lesson government officials in Switzerland learned this week when they had to change the color of the safety vests worn by the country's railway workers because some Dutch fuckwits followed them onto the tracks thinking the workers were fellow fans. Hey, what's that horn? Never heard a noisemaker like that befoOOAAAHHHHHH!

Switzerland's national railway has told its workers to stop using their normal orange reflective vests after confused Dutch soccer fans started following them on to the tracks.

A railway spokesman said the changed strip had been prompted by an incident in the Swiss capital Berne when a group of Netherlands supporters followed a worker on to the lines after mistaking his uniform for their traditional orange dress.

The Dutch being cool with the drugs and prostitution stuff, they must have figured the railroad tracks were a reasonable place to find something to their liking in another country. Usually that's were I go to view all the cool dead bodies. Maybe they wanted to be the dead bodies. They're into that kind of experiential stuff in Holland/Netherlands/Stupidcloggyville.

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