10.15.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely following an altercation with one of his bodyguards at a hotel last week.  By all accounts, the incident was minor and resulted in no police charges, but how many times does Roger Goodell have to say that he ain’t f-ckin’ around, yo?

“He knows that when he was reinstated over the summer, I didn’t feel that he had room for any further errors,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. “What happened last week was significant enough for me to take action. There are no free passes…”

Goodell will determine the full length of the suspension after the Cowboys play Nov. 16 at Washington. The commissioner said a lifetime ban remained a possibility. [AP]

Give the guy a break, man.  No one got shot.  No strippers were punched.  Pacman hasn’t had any fun for almost two years now — that’ll make any drunk guy mix it up with his own bodyguard.  Let him sit four games and then bring him back.  Between Tony Romo’s broken finger and the addition of Roy Williams to T.O.’s fragile ego, we deserve to have Pacman on this team.  Behavioral science demands it.  Someone in that Dallas locker room is gonna finish the season dead, or I want my money back.

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