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Here's Pam Oliver getting pissed at her producer, coping with Joe Buck, and interviewing Tony Romo through a cockroach/beetle prank.  You may have seen this video elsewhere by now, but I felt it was important that I post it here, because it's been a while since I've publicly threatened Joe Buck, whose smarmy self-satisfied faux charm should have gotten his nancy ass kicked years ago.

You hear that, Joe Buck?  I'm gonna wreck your face.  I'm gonna turn your nose inside out and crush your Adam's apple.  Enjoy your teeth now, because you're gonna spit 'em out on the pavement, and I'm gonna use 'em to make a baby rattle.  And this isn't one of those joking Internet threats, either.  I am dead serious: I will fuck you up, little man.  (Unless you feel like taking some sort of legal action, in which case… KIDDING!!!)

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