‘Parks And Recreation’ Mocked DeflateGate With Another Sports-Themed Easter Egg

For the last two seasons, the creators of NBC’s Parks and Recreation have thrilled nerdy baseball fans like me with hidden sports-related easter eggs. In season six, audiences were introduced to the law offices of Babip, Pecota, Vorp, and Eckstein, a clear reference to showrunner Mike Schur’s affinity for baseball’s sabermetric community. Later we learned the law offices had grown to what I will assume is a record number of partners after merging with Fwar, Dips, Winshares, and Gritt in the season seven premier which aired last month. On Tuesday, the show was back with yet another sports-related easter egg, this time mocking none other than America’s favorite nontroversy, DeflateGate.

In the episode, which of course has time-jumped to the year 2017, Ben Wyatt has been persuaded to run for Congress. Within the cover of the Gryzzl tablet where the announcement is made, you can clearly see a sub-heading that alludes to yet another scandal involving America’s favorite NFL curmudgeon, Bill Belichick.

Belichick on “RoboGate”: ‘None of our players are robots.’

He’s clearly lying, but I suppose there’s no use fighting him on this stuff anymore.