Patrick Mahomes Has A New Ketchup Ad Where He Ruins Mac N Cheese

12.19.18 8 months ago 2 Comments

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Patrick Mahomes is just about as perfect a quarterback as you’ll ever find. His physical gifts are obvious, as he stands tall in the pocket, is mobile, and has an absolute cannon for an arm. His coaching staff and others rave about his mental capacity for the Chiefs’ absurdly big playbook and how quickly he picked it up and was able to make the necessary adjustments on the fly.

However, no one is perfect. Mahomes doesn’t have many red flags on or off the field, but a recent ESPN profile of the Chiefs’ young superstar revealed one flaw: His unabashed love of putting ketchup on just about anything.

Yes, Mahomes is the guy that douses his steak in ketchup, as well as his macaroni and cheese and many other things. Now, in the grand scheme of things this isn’t a big deal, but he does play in the heartland where steak is big business, so this was something of a controversy. The good news, at least so it seemed in the piece, was that Mahomes was self-aware of his shortcomings, as the story noted he rarely asked for ketchup while out at a steakhouse because he knew how that looked — his mother would instead save him that shame by asking for it herself.

Mahomes is no longer ashamed of his love of ketchup, though, and he’s cashing in with Hunt’s who released their newest ad featuring the star quarterback doing curls with a bottle of ketchup on his forearm, squeezing out gratuitous amounts of ketchup onto a plate of mac n cheese with every rep.

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