The Internet Is Relentlessly Trolling The Falcons On 3-28 Day

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Falcons fans hoping the embarrassment of the Super Bowl would fade away were rudely reminded of Atlanta’s blown 28-3 lead on Tuesday as the internet celebrated March 28, aka “3-28,” by relentlessly making fun of the Falcons (again). If only the Falcons had blown a 35-3 lead, at least today could’ve been avoided.

If we’ve learned anything from the Golden State Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, it’s that the internet will make jokes for at least an entire calendar year. So, Falcons fans are probably in for a very, very long year of random reminders of their team’s historic failure, and what makes it even worse is, unlike the Warriors who are the favorite to win the NBA title this year and wash away all those bad memories, the likelihood of the Falcons making it back to the Super Bowl and winning is significantly lower.

Atlanta sports fans are accustomed to failure on a certain level, having witnessed one championship in the city’s professional sports history, but the loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was on a whole new level. This time there wasn’t just hope, but damn near certainty that the Falcons were going to do it. And then, Tom Brady did Tom Brady things, the Falcons forgot that you’re allowed to run the dang ball and everything fell apart.

So, with an apology to the good people of Atlanta, here are the very best jokes and tweets the internet had to offer on 3-28.

I don’t even know what to say about this tattoo, but it’s a thing that exists.