Paulina Gretzky Just Proved Why Instagram Is Worth $1 Billion

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04.30.12 33 Comments

Last year, the Internet’s legions of dude bros rejoiced as having a Twitter account finally paid off when NHL legend Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina, was happily posting revealing pictures of herself for all of us to… respect and admire. Well, the Great One – like most fathers of absurdly attractive 23-year old girls – didn’t think too highly of that and he forced Paulina to remove all of the questionable pictures from her Twitter. Sadly, we were forced to find pictures of half naked girls elsewhere. So difficult.

Thankfully, what Wayne may or may not have realized is that the Internet has like 6 billion sites devoted to allowing people to post their pictures, and in case he didn’t hear about it, the popular photo sharing site Instagram was just purchased by Facebook for $1 billion recently. So yeah, that’s a pretty popular site, too.

Hey, maybe Paulina is on Instagram, posting pictures of her recent trip to Las Vegas with her boyfriend and their friends. Maybe she’s posting pictures of herself in a bikini in interesting positions with people of both genders. Let’s just check and see if this completely hypothetical idea is true… IT IS. Well done, Mark Zuckerberg.

(Sideways hat tip to the gents at Bro Bible.)

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