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We’re reworking our lead-off post to give you a plate full of sports news goodness every morning. We’re calling it the Morning Meat, and it will set the table for the business that With Leather gives you throughout the day. Like everything else on this site, it’s a work in progress. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Reunited and it Feels So Good. Former NBA baller and Haitian Native Olden Polynice was reunited with his father on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.  Papa Polynice was rescued from the rubble of the disastrous Haitian earthquake.  The two had not seen each other in 3 years.  Be sure to check out the video.

More Super Bowl Ad Drama. On the flip side of Tebow’s anti-abortion commercial, CBS is also reviewing a commercial for gay dating site ManCrunch.  In the commercial, two men are watching the game and start making out.  Big deal.  CBS  may as well air it since ManCrunch is getting publicity just by the controversy alone.

Fred Flintstone May Have Been Onto Something. Researchers are finding that running barefoot may actually be better for your feet than your pricey trainers.  It supposedly changes your gait and uses your muscles more efficiently.  I suspect it will also prepare you for walking on fire and glass because your callouses will be out of control. 

“Don’t Be Lame.” Some tips for the Colts fans traveling to Miami include: keep your mouth shut, stay out of the bad areas and leave your blue and white Zubaz at home.  Your wigs and face paint are not welcome in the club.  Actually, just do the opposite of whatever it is you do in every day life.  This applies to most people in general.

John Daly is You. John Daly has a new lease on life.  Unfortunately that doesn’t include better pants – only smaller ones.  All of his drinking, smoking and whoring finally caught up with him, and he had Lap-Band surgery to purge the bulge.  His story is actually pretty cool if you give it the full read.

Sunny-side up scores containing at least one 0

NBA Mavericks 106, Suns 112

Raptors 106, Knicks 104

NHL Wild 1, Avalanche 0

NCAAB California 78, Arizona State 70

Wisconsin 57, Purdue 60

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • “Snow On the Ground” is embarrassing and it’s for real. Warming Glow.
  • Machete will display 43 year-old Lindsay Lohan’s bare freckled tatas.  Lucky us.  Film Drunk.
  • If Paul Shirley did Super Bowl picks.  Kissing Suzy Kolber.
  • Alicia Silverstone and Oprah talk about their poo.  Yup.  Inside TV.
  • Breakdown of the Batman opera complete with audio.  Comics Alliance.
  • Remember when Jersey Shore castmate Snickers got punched in the face?  You’d think she’d feel right at home on Jerry Springer, but alas – Springer has no class.  Fark.
  • 10 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks.  See how they measure up.  Bleacher Report.
  • Chris Matthews said out-loud on TV that he “forgot Obama was black” while he gave his State of the Union address.  Because why would black people ever be able to be leaders?  That’s so weird! Next Round.
  • While you’re doin’ it up this weekend, remember to thank your Tall Boys for being the reason you exist. Cheers!  Gunaxin.

Tips? Okay, but that’s it.  Anything more and I’ll have to turn you in to HR:

Alicia Silverstone and Oprah talk about their poop. Yup. Inside TV.

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