‘And That’s Why You Always Down The Ball.’

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10.24.12 9 Comments

All this video needs is J. Walter Weaterman’s arm landing in the end zone.

The Daily What is the Internet’s leader in Furry Gangnam Style parody videos and GIFs of cats trying to get out of boxes, but it’s also my go-to for videos of children being devastated by sports failures. Earlier today they posted that video you were probably expecting of a kid crying about the St. Louis Cardinals losing. Now, here’s a pee-wee football game that ends with an interception, then totally does not end with an interception. DEVASTATION.

YouTubers Laurineisabracken and mritty115 are here with more:

Can someone explain to me what just happened?

Kid in the green who intercepted the ball heard the buzzer and assumed that meant game over, so he threw the ball on the ground. But in football, the game doesn’t end when the timer runs out, it ends *when the guy with the ball is downed*. By throwing the ball, he basically fumbled it. Kid on the red team realized the game wasn’t over yet, the *play* wasn’t over yet, and picked up the ball and ran for a Touchdown. Red wins.

Look at his face. That kid on the green team just learned a lot about rage.

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