This Insane Touchdown Is Made Way More Entertaining Thanks To Drake

If you haven’t watched Penn State all that much this season, you’ve missed out on Saquon Barkley, the ultra-talented true freshman running back who has a reputation for effortlessly hurdling over defenders. He was notorious for this in high school, so much so that when he was being recruited to Penn State, Nittany Lions coach James Franklin told him he couldn’t wait to watch Barkley jump over guys in college.

Barkley did that on Saturday during the Nittany Lions’ 39-0 win over Illinois. His seven yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter ended with him leaping in the air and going over a few Illini defenders. He took off from the four yard line, and when he came down he was already in the end zone. It was one of the most impressive things that happened this weekend, and it’s hard to imagine that it could be much better.

Fortunately, it could. Someone decided to take the vine of Barkley going airborne and set it to “Jumpman” by Drake and Future. It’s timed perfectly, so the second that Barkley decides he wants to leave his feet, Drake starts going “Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman.”

If Barkley keeps hurdling over people for the rest of his career, we’re willing to bet that this won’t be the last time someone makes a Vine of him set to this song.