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Arrogant play-calling? Misuse of talent? Unqualified coaching staff? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? No, these weren’t the barbs directed at Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel. They’re talking about Southern Cal dude-in-chief Pete Carroll. The man who brought 1.5 national championships to LA is now under fire on the internets for dropping his team’s Pac-10 opener to Washington.

The old Pete Carroll is back…Not the guy that put together the best coaching staff in college football. It’s the guy that was run out of town on a rail at New England. He took a team that had gone to the Super Bowl and did nothing with them and drove all the fans crazy.

Now, he has the most talent of any team in the country, and he keeps dropping games to UCLA, Oregon State, Stanford, and now Washington. I can see this team losing 4 games this year. The old Pete is back. via, via.

At the center of the discussion was a late-first-half call by Pete Carroll to run for a first down on 3rd-and-1 with his team in field goal range and the clock winding down. They didn’t get the first and, with no timeouts, couldn’t get the field goal unit onto the field before the first half expired. But hey, look at him play the piano! Now if he could only get his black players to sit with his white players. Oh, and stop losing those easy conference games. That would be nice, too. vid.

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