Petey Pablo Made A Panthers Fight Song, But People Can’t Twist It Round Their Heads Like A Helicopter

01.22.16 2 years ago

A few old curmudgeons aside, the Carolina Panthers have never been cooler. A big part of that is Cam Newton, who might just be the coolest player in the NFL, but whatever the cause, the fans are also responding with levels of cool heretofore unseen. How else do you explain a fan-made fight song that is actually, you know, really good?

And there’s more! A new fight song has emerged, this time not by some Joe Schmoe, but by Petey Pablo (of the still-fire North Carolina anthem “Raise Up”)! It’s a hip-hop track (of course), and it knocks. Happily, it doesn’t fall into the trap of all too many fight songs, which is the use of overly-specific team references at the expense of catchiness. Nope, instead this is just a hard-beating song full of Petey Pablo boasts — some good, some not so good.

It’s great to keep things like this general, because the chorus is all the Panthers will need to fire themselves up in the locker room: “We gon’ put that ba-da-boom on ’em/Carolina black and white and blue on ’em.” Shakespeare it ain’t, but try yelling along to the beat. Now imagine doing that with a bunch of other Panthers fans nearby. Sounds like fun, right? And though we love Petey Pablo, we’re thankful that for the video, he took a backseat to a bunch of Panthers highlights.

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