There’s No Shortage Of Networks That Want Peyton Manning On Your Television Screen

03.08.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

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If you are worried that you will no longer see the newly retired Peyton Manning on television every 45 seconds, here is some potentially good news. Sporting News is reporting Fox Sports, ESPN and NFL Network are interested in hiring Manning to become a talking head.

“If he decides to pursue a career as a commentator, we would certainly be open to exploring that possibility with him,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said.

The story hypothesizes that Manning could be a fit with Fox’s pregame NFL show, which already features at least five men screaming at each other and laughing way too hard at each other’s jokes. To bring in Manning, who once hosted Saturday Night Live, to pretend to laugh at Frank Caliendo would be a boon for the network.

Manning seems like he’s almost too good in front of a camera to be part of an NFL studio show. Forbes reported he has earned about $400 million in his career, so it’s not like he’s recently divorced and desperate for a paycheck. This all seems like wishful thinking from networks and speculation from the media.

(Via Sporting News)

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