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Philadelphia might become the new Boston before any of us realize it, as the Phillies managed to wrangle the seemingly unstoppable Los Angeles Ramirezes in Game One of the NLCS last night. The final score was 3-2, but the total ramifications of the win have yet to be tallied, as Philadelphia just inched closer to its first major sports championship since 1776, or thereabouts.

The Phils scored all their runs in the 6th inning in a mind-bogglingly efficient attack. I heard of these guys that used to rob restaurants right before they closed for the night, and that’s exactly what Chase Utley and Pat Burrell (pictured) did to Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe, hitting 2-run and solo home runs, respectively. Lowe was yanked immediately after, and LA never bounced back.

We’ll preview the ALCS later, but Game Two of the NLCS is today. Chad Billingsley will try to punch out the Phils for LA, and Brett Myers will try to not punch out his wife again. First pitch is at 4:35 ET. Anyone that can explain that start time gets a free balloon.

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