Pierce Brosnan Can’t Escape His 007 Past In The Kia Sorento Super Bowl Ad

To the faithful James Bond fans out there, Kia’s “The Perfect Getaway” ad for Super Bowl XLIX is a little sad. Sure, it’s cute and clever to have the beloved actor imagining his agent’s pitch to star in an otherwise boring commercial as an explosive action thriller, but for the people who are Team Pierce Brosnan in the eternal debate over the best Bond, it’s almost like watching a former athlete talk about his glory days. Also, it’s hard to wrap my brain around watching Bond drive a Kia, not that I have any problems with the Kia Sorento, but it doesn’t exactly have the same prestige as an Aston Martin. It’s the kind of car you’d expect Bond to drive if his next mission started at an airport in the Midwest.

Although, if Kia and Jaguar teamed up to combine their commercials, we might really have something. And the battle between Brosnan and Jaguar’s British villains could have to do with Go Daddy’s puppy. I’m just spit-balling here, but this is available for Super Bowl 50.