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The Chicago White Sox received some extra power today against the Kansas City Royals.  Their potent offense found some extra hits in the special pink Mother's Day bats.  Three extra hits to be exact which gave them, let's see . . . three hits total for the game (please bear with any technical difficulties for the rest of this post because I just threw the laptop against the wall).  Wow, they should use those pink bats all the time.  That, or table legs.  Unfortunately, the bats are probably blameless as the Pale Hose still have the lowest batting average in both leagues.  Did I mention they were playing the Royals?  A team that allowed 17 runs and 13 runs in games just this week.  Oh well, Mr. Jameson and his sons makes an anodyne for this distress.

In other pink bat action:

The Red Sox score 6 in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Orioles 6-5.  Baltimore closer Chris Ray was credited with both a blown save and loss, and probably received some gentle words of encouragement from starter Jeremy Guthrie.

Washington completes their sweep of the Marlins with a 6-4 victory.  The Nats have a 3 game winning streak?  A quick calculation reveals they'll finish with 52-53 wins, at least twelve more than predicted.  Way to go fellas.

Giants center fielder Fred Lewis hits for the cycle as San Francisco pummels the Rockies 15-2.  Barry Bonds did not play today.  (I felt obligated to state that because when I talked to my mom today she asked, "How's the bonds business going?"  She incorrectly assumed I was a bond trader when I told her I did a post on Bonds once.  I could let her know what I really do, but she's happier this way.)

Shawn Marcum had a no-hitter through six, but the Blue Jays bullpen couldn't hold as Toronto fell to the Devil Rays 2-1.  Vernon Wells signed a ball for Jays reliever Brian Tallet after the game that read: "COVER FIRST, ASSHOLE."

Enjoy the Tigers vs. Twins on Sunday Night Baseball.  I'm going to relieve some stress by giving my pink bat a few swings in the old batting cage.  (See, my mom doesn't want to read that.) -KD     

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