Pippen’s Wife Is A Real Housewife

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01.27.11 5 Comments

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For some terrible reason, people watch Bravo and now the network that once celebrated the best of cinema and television is giving us yet another installment of “Real Housewives”. The upcoming season will take place in Miami, and while previous seasons have featured women who aren’t actually married and therefore not actually housewives, this season will push the envelope full of anthrax even further with a drag queen, who is, of course, friends with Dennis Rodman.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa, is going to be on it, too. Because that’s the reason I brought it up anyway. Apparently Scottie wasn’t too pleased with Larsa’s decision to be on the show, but then she reminded him that he’s lost $120 million in investments during his career, so maybe it was the best move to go against his gut feeling.

Please explain to me why this show is called “Real Housewives”, Popeater

“Bravo shot the show and debated for weeks whether or not to add it to its ‘Housewife’ franchise or just run it as a stand alone Miami show,” a Bravo insider tells me. “But now the decision has been made and it will be another ‘Real Housewife’ show.”

Which makes sense, because it’s the exact opposite.

And according to the girls whose cars I repair, former Miami Heat player Glen Rice’s ex-wife Christy Fernandez will be on the show, too, because Bravo is basically trying to compete with VH1’s “Basketball Wives”, which also featured mostly ex-wives and girlfriends. Fun fact: One of the girls on “Basketball Wives” dated Michael Olowakandi for 10 years, and yet she still admitted that in public. Here’s to hoping season 2 features Kwame Brown’s high school sweetheart.

And while I’ll never actually watch any episode of “Real Housewives”, I can only pray that they’ll all look like this:

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