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Here's "Pistol" Pete Maravich schooling George "the Iceman" Gervin, Bob McAdoo, and some white dude in a sweet-ass old-school Bullets uniform in a game of HORSE in the late '70s.  You may remember some sports columnist always jabbering about how badly he wants to see a game of HORSE worked into NBA All-Star Weekend.  Not me, baby.  I just want those short-shorts to come back.  Hello, fellas!  I see you've brought a package for me.  ROWR!

SIDE NOTE: I miss sweet nicknames like "Pistol" and "Iceman."  Today's retards would call Maravich "P-Mar."  Everything was better in the old days.  Well, except porn.  And prescription drugs for recreational use.  Can you believe people took quaaludes?  Fuckin' lame.

[End of the Bench via FanHaus

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