Michigan State’s Controversial Loss Led To This Outrageous Reaction From Plaxico Burress

By now you’ve seen the controversial play that gave Michigan State their first loss of the season and ultimately eliminated them from the College Football Playoff. With 17 seconds left, Nebraska wide receiver Brandon O’Reilly caught a game-winning TD pass from Tommy Armstrong, Jr. after clearly running out of bounds. Two officials threw their hats on the play noting the infraction but a ref conference determined he was forced out by an MSU defender. The play was reviewed (even though it wasn’t reviewable) and it stood as called.

Almost everyone watching the play (including several officiating experts) believed the call was incorrect.

Mike Pereira:

In a season chock-full of atrocious and horrid officiating this call probably ranks in the top five, though no worse than what occurred at the end of Miami-Duke last week.

Moving on…

The Internet reaction to the call, especially from Spartan faithful, was angry to say the least. ESPN host Jemele Hill (an MSU alum) didn’t hold back with her thoughts.

But it was former NFL WR and Michigan State great Plaxico Burress who, uh, stole the show with these NSFW tweets, several of them aimed at the NCAA and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany.

WARNING: Colorful language.

And yes, if you’re wondering, Plax would love to share his thoughts on your radio show.