Here Are February’s Free PlayStation Plus And Xbox Games With Gold Titles

Entertainment Editor


February’s free games through PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Games with Gold program are a mix of the old with the relatively new, but all seem worthwhile of your hard drive space. Like we’ve seen from both companies in previous months, it’s a healthy mix of genres and games that should hit a whole range of interests. There are no absolute must-have heavy-hitters this month, but there are some fun nostalgia plays and a few, smaller titles that may have flown under the busy gamer’s radar that are absolutely worth picking up.

First, the PlayStation lineup:

Knack (PS4)

Part of PS4’s launch lineup, Knack wasn’t particularly well-received with its short length and somewhat shallow gameplay. But the price is right at “free,” and it’s the perfect game to pick up one afternoon and goof around with. It’s smooth,

Rime (PS4)

Rime is a heartfelt puzzle/adventure that has some of ICO‘s DNA running through it. At first, it may seem a bit derivative to other third-person puzzle games, but it will quickly grow on you. This was one of last year’s more underrated games, and if you enjoyed the aforementioned ICO or Sony’s own Journey, you’ll be happy to download this.

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