Please Do Not Eat The Real James Harden

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05.23.12 5 Comments

The Oklahoma City Thunder may be a powerful No. 2 seed in the Western Conference, and they may have been the obvious favorites against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it’s still always an accomplishment for any team when it knocks off Kobe Bryant and Co. In this case, the Thunder’s 4-1 series win was so convincing that someone, somewhere decided to celebrate with their very own James Harden cake.

Sure, it’s strange and a little bit creepy, and there’s no chance that it’s better than a Cookie Puss cake, but I’ll bet it’s delicious nonetheless. However, I couldn’t help but wondering where it stacks up against some other recent athlete-inspired cakes. Let’s have a virtual cake-sampling, shall we?

First up, we have a Lebron James head cake, which certainly doesn’t look as if the icing was sculpted with as much care as the Harden cake, but I assume the flavor is simply more dominating at first before it sort of trails off into a bland, bitter aftertaste.

Next up is another Miami Heat-inspired dessert, this time in the form of rapper Lil Wayne’s head. I think a lot of people are going to be put off by this cake because of the black licorice hair, but I’m mostly curious as to why Jeff Ireland wanted this cake in the first place.

Now here’s a cake that a guy can really enjoy. It’s a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but it features the only parts that we really care about, so it basically has everything. Except it probably won’t go over too well at your party when Uncle Carl starts stabbing people while yelling, “I CALLED THE TIT PIECE!”

Nope, my favorite is this Didier Drogba birthday cake, which combines everything that you need for a celebration with the class of huge frosted breasts.

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