Please, Mama, Don’t Click The Morning Links

11.01.11 6 years ago

Woman, don’t STAAART with me!


High Quality Comedy: 10 Hilarious “In Living Color” Skits – This list is awesome, but is missing 1) Please Mama, Don’t Eat The Government Cheese, and 2) the one where Jim Carrey can’t communicate because he clucks like a chicken. [Smoking Section]

Mr. T. Baby Unmasked! The Follow-Up Interview – The best thing to happen on the network since we interviewed the Lobster Dog. Babies are awesome when I don’t know them and aren’t sitting beside them on an airplane. [Film Drunk]

The Best Of Community’s Dean Pelton – I love Troy, I love Annie, but the Dean is the best part of the show. Dean dong! [UPROXX]

Oh, No: Academics Analyze ‘Jersey Shore’ – Sorta like what I do with Best and Worst of Raw every week, but with an increased chance of getting to sleep with J-WOWW. [Warming Glow]

Dog From Up In Real Life Discovered On A See-Saw – oh my god I want to hug him so hard [Film Drunk]

Happy Halloween From Shifty-Eyed Vigo the Carpathian – The greatest character in the history of movies. One of my career goals is to make a prequel film about him, but make it a dreary period-piece starring Keira Knightley and somebody. Also, to have sex with Keira Knightley. [Gamma Squad]

Things That Lasted Longer Than Kim Kardashian’s Marriage – The best so far is “Gary Coleman casket”, not for the joke, but because of the lack of apostrophe-s. [Buzzfeed]

Pyromaniac Cat Is Infatuated With Open Flame – My love is blind, can’t you see my desire? That’s the way love goes. [The FW]

Adult Swim’s Introduction to Cthulhu – If you want to learn more about Cthulhu, just go to every third day. Also a great way to learn about Doctor Who. [Adult Swim

10 Biggest Celebrity Wax Figure FAILS – I’ve never once stood beside a wax figure and thought “wow, they did a great job”. It always looks like a Sears mannequin in slightly more-expensive clothes. [PopCrush]

If You Think You Hated Justin Bieber Before, He Has A Batmobile – Maybe they can cast him as Robin in a “The Dark Knight Returns” movie. He’d be perfect, wouldn’t he? [FARK]

Director Joe Dante’s 8 Favorite Scary Christmas Movies – I will listen to anything the man who directed Gremlins (and more importantly, Gremlins 2) has to say. [Moviefone]

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