A Police Dash Cam Video Shows A Stumbling Tiger Woods Failing Sobriety Tests

05.31.17 10 months ago 3 Comments

Jupiter PD

Adding insult to the injury that his now infamous mug shot has done to his career and credibility, a police dash cam video doesn’t do golfing legend Tiger Woods any favors.

Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida on Monday for allegedly driving under the influence, which earned him a DUI charge. Despite this allegations and the arrest, Woods released a statement saying that he wasn’t drunk and that he hadn’t been drinking that night. Woods’ statement goes on to say that he had taken a mixture of prescription medicines that caused his altered state and led to his subsequent arrest.

The Jupiter Police Department released dash-cam footage of Woods’ arrest, and the 41-year-old golfing legend certainly appears to be under the influence of something. At one point in the video, Woods is confused by what the officers are asking him and tries to walk away from the police.

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