Pornhub Is Taking A Unique Approach To Combating The Zika Virus In Rio

Despite a proliferation of prophylactics, many are still concerned about the threat of the Zika virus — which can be sexually transmitted — during the upcoming Olympic games in Rio. And you know what happens when you put a bunch of genetically perfect human beings together who need to blow off some steam? That’s right: boinking. Lots and lots of boinking.

In effort to cut down on some of that boinking, an unlikely ally has stepped forward. Pornhub has rolled out a health initiative called the “Ooohlympics” to help combat the spread of Zika. As part of the initiative, the adult video-streaming service will provide free membership to its high-definition, on-demand platform to anyone located in Rio de Janeiro for the duration of the games — residents, athletes, and visitors alike.

A press release on Wednesday explains the strategy:

To jump start the campaign, Team Pornhub will be in Rio on Aug. 5 and 6, handing out Zika protection kits consisting of a Pornhub Premium gift card, a canister of bug spray, a tissue box and bottle of lube; all the essentials to ensure protection. With many apprehensive to travel to Rio and attend the games due to fear of the virus, Pornhub is stepping up to decrease the chances of this disease spreading.

Just tissues? They couldn’t spring for a pair of Hanes? To learn more, or to request access for anyone currently in Rio, you can visit the (safe for work) Ooohlympics landing page.