This Powerlifter Squatted More Than 1,000 Pounds, Which Shouldn’t Be Possible

This is Big Ray Williams. He is an extremely large person (thus the nickname “Big”) who seems to really enjoy squatting a whole bunch of weight. In this video, dude squats 1,052 pounds. According to a quick Google search, that’s about five refrigerators. It was so much weight that the bar looked like this before Williams got the opportunity to get down to business.

Williams stepped up, picked up the weight, took a few seconds to compose himself, and squatted.

The thought of squatting a couple hundred pounds is a ton for most people. The fact that Williams was able to do 1,052 pounds and not struggle to the point of being incapacitated is kind of amazing.

Someone get Big Ray some ice packs or something, because his legs may have hurt after this. Then again, I have never been more confident in saying that a person does not skip leg day, so he’s probably fine.