08.06.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

This is almost old news now, but there was that thing the other night where the Brewers threw at one of the Dodgers and then one of the Dodgers threw back at the Brewers’ Prince Fielder…I don’t get it at all, something about the unwritten rules of baseball. If nobody knows what those rules are, maybe someone should write them down. But anyway, the beaning of Fielder happened so late in the game that he almost didn’t have enough time to get upset about it. So he stormed the Dodgers clubhouse door. Yeah, Prince. Like they’re gonna just let you in. Obviously he just thought that the Dodgers had delicious barbecue buffalo wings in there. Why else would he have brought all his teammates? It’s always nice to share, and when you’re talking about hiring prostitutes for the evening, it’s more economical, too.

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