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Everyone was waiting for NASCAR to throw the book at Carl Edwards after this flip of Brad Keselowski last weekend in Atlanta. It didn’t happen, as Edwards was slapped on the wrist with three weeks’ probation. More interesting than the almost-non-reaction from The Powers That Be over there was the reasoning behind it.

Edwards escaped a more serious penalty of suspension, presumably because NASCAR wanted to protect its relaxed “boys, have at it” attitude of allowing drivers to police themselves on the track.

NASCAR announced in January it would loosen its stance on aggressive driving and allow drivers the opportunity to settle scores on their own. The policy wasn’t tested until Sunday, the fourth race of the season, when Edwards returned to the track down 153 laps and spent at least one lap intentionally trying to wreck Keselowski.–USA Today.

So, in short, Edwards intentionally crashed into a guy to get a lap back, and the brass collectively shrug their shoulders. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? But honestly, I like that NASCAR is putting the rules into the drivers’ hands. It makes for less hard feelings, not to mention better racing. Video of the wreck is after the jump.

VID via BareKnucks.

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