Quavo Wants To Show Clemson ‘How Champs Are Supposed To Be Treated’ After Dinner With Trump

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The Clemson Tigers made their post-national championship visit to the White House on Monday. The event became quite the spectacle as the government shutdown meant the White House chefs had been furloughed, forcing Donald Trump to come up with his own menu for the event.

Trump laid out quite the spread of fast food options from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Domino’s, served on silver platters and china in the White House dining room. The visit quickly went viral from the surreal footage of Trump proudly standing over the table of burgers and sandwiches, while the Clemson players seemed amused by the offering. Still, it wasn’t what one expects on a championship trip to the White House, and the general consensus was that, while not a bad thing, the fast food buffet wasn’t quite befitting of champions.

Hip-hop star Quavo agrees with this, and while the most famous Migo is a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan, he wants to make sure Clemson’s players get a chance to properly celebrate their championship. Quavo extended the invite to the whole Clemson team, including “dabbin’ Dabo,” to drop by the Quality Control headquarters in Atlanta — the music label Quavo is signed to — any time to show them a proper good time and Trump how one adequately hosts some champions.

I have no idea if this would constitute as an NCAA violation if the entire Clemson team got to celebrate their title with Quavo and company, but it’s absolutely worth the risk for the Tigers to make the short drive down to Atlanta to do so.

Also, Quavo is savvy enough not to upset all the Georgia fans by making sure everyone knows it’s still “Go Dawgs,” ensuring they don’t think he’s bandwagon hopping like Drake, but that he simply wants to reward the champs “The Stir Fry Way.” It’s what any good Southern gentleman would do.