A Crazy Brawl Erupted Between Rams And Cowboys Fans During L.A.’s First Home Game

08.16.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

What’s the point of paying full regular-season price for NFL preseason tickets if you and your pal aren’t going to wail on two people during the game? You’re not getting your money’s worth from watching Sean Mannion and Dak Prescott for three quarters, so you may as well punch a guy who said something derogatory about your sports team.

The scene here is from the Rams’ first game in Los Angeles since 1979, and it’s good to see the fans haven’t lost their ability to rain blows upon other fans. There’s no way to know what’s happening at this point in the game, but a four-man throwdown was probably way more interesting than what was occurring on the field.

The YouTube uploader’s description on this video is, “Fight at first home game for the Los Angeles Rams. There were a couple in my area, but this was only one I could catch on video.” He offers no apology for the vertical video, however.

The guy in the Jared Goff jersey connected on about 18 punches. Goff may not connect with receivers 18 times in a game all preseason. Heck, or regular season.

Anyway, the NFL is great and you should definitely feel safe bringing your kids to a game.


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