Randy Moss Gets His Own Alternate Version In The Newest NFL Sunday Ticket Ad

DirecTV has gotten a lot of mileage out of their alternate-version line of commercials, starting with their increasingly upsetting series of Rob Lowes before branching out to football (and their NFL Sunday Ticket package) with shockingly good performances from Tony Romo and Eli Manning as “Arts-and-Craftsy” and “Bad Comedian,” respectively. Now they’ve got another victory for absurdity in commercial entertainment with a spot starring Randy Moss and his cable-watching alternate, “Petite Randy Moss.”

Moss, unlike Romo and Eli, isn’t an active player anymore (though that may be changing soon), so it’s actually plausible that he would have an opinion on the best way to watch an NFL game, considering, you know, he isn’t in them. Still, the role doesn’t require as much acting as Romo’s (which, honestly, was a triumph and may have changed my opinion of him forever), letting Moss’ natural charm do most of the work.