Ray Lewis Said The Most Obnoxious Thing About The Ray Rice Domestic Abuse Case

Last week we heard from boxer Floyd Mayweather about his domestic abuse issues. In short, Mayweather told CNN’s Rachel Nichols that despite numerous allegations, there was no proof because there were “no pictures.” It was arguably the dumbest commentary on domestic abuse since…well, ever.

Today on ESPN’s NFL Countdown, Ray Lewis tried to one-up Mayweather with his own comments As Lewis discussed the video of Ray Rice striking his fiancee in the elevator, he dropped this really odd one-liner: “Some things you can cover up, and there’s some things you can’t.”

There were other parts of Lewis’ three-minute long soliloquy that were mind-boggling, but that? That was the worst. That reeks of “remember that time I watched someone get killed and tried to cover it up? And then remember when I got away with it?

Amazing he’s on TV. Truly Goddamn amazing.