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NBA – It's so nice of Ray Allen to be a productive member of The Big Three for once. He put in 29 points capped by a last-minute jumper to hold off a Pistons rally en route to a 106-102 Game 5 win. There being a little more volatility in this series with each team's ability to win on the road, Game 6 is no given for the Pistons back in Detroit. Should be interesting what insulated chamber they use to transport Mr. Glass, Rip Hamilton, who managed to get hurt eighteen different ways last night. Poked in the eyes when you have a face mash? That's just good aim.

NHL – Wellie, wellie, well, those Penguins looked a little shaky during most of the 1st period, but rallied hard to get up 2-0 through the early part of the 2nd period, thanks to two Sid Crosby goals. The 3-2 win moved the Penguins to 9-0 this postseason at home, which is a great stat for a team that needs at least one road win. The Red Wings definitely didn't look anywhere near as cowed as the Pens looked on the road, so the series hasn't quite swung yet, but, hey!, Pittsburgh scored.

MLB – So many other otherwise interminable sports being in a constant state of playoffs only further plunges early-season baseball into a state of irrelevancy. At we know this much: Chase Utley doing okay…Erik Bedard not usually this good…Yankees seemed to celebrate a lot of broken sweeps these daysSoriano is quixotic… The Royals are not.

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