Reggie Bush Would Like His Privacy

05.16.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Of the things that New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush is famous for, perhaps the most notable is his past relationship with Kim Kardashian – a girl who is famous because she filmed herself having sex with Brandy’s brother – followed by that time he had to give his Heisman Trophy back for taking gifts in college and maybe that time he pushed Matt Leinart into the end zone. But mainly he’s known for being Ray Jay’s sloppy seconds and sending Kim on a wild roller coaster of dating professional athletes.

Now, though, Reggie is back in the dating game, as he has been romantically linked* to Rihanna, who is famous because she’s really talented, but also because Chris Brown punched her repeatedly. This is certainly a case of trading in a Honda Civic for a Bentley, if that Civic has a huge ass and equally talentless, nihilistic siblings.

MORE ROMANCE: While things are heating up between Rihanna and Reggie Bush, the NFL star reportedly is worried about all the press attention the duo will attract — similar to his previous relationship with Kim Kardashian. (Chicago Sun-Times)

If this news is true, Bush’s last three notable girlfriends have been Rihanna, model and Kanye West flame Amber Rose, and Kardashian. While I’m not exactly an underachieving NFL running back, I will offer some advice to Bush – shut up. Quit bitching about privacy if you’re going to date celebrities and fame whores. Hell, Bush should be openly bragging about this one, after Rihanna previously dated Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp and he turned into one of the best hitters in baseball. If anything, Bush should Tweet about this instead of making bad jokes.

*By romantically linked, I mean he had his PR team meet with her PR team and set up a date for them.

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