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Reggie Jackson might have picked up on the fact that New York City has a fairly sizable Jewish population during his many years as a Yankee. But it took an interloping New York Post photog to find out that Mr. October subscribes to the Jesse Jackson notion of how Jews act.

Jackson was on East 61st Street and Madison Avenue, negotiating with a painter, when he asked the artist, "Are you Jewish?" according to Post lensman Larry Schwartzwald.

Schwartzwald then turned on his video camera and asked Jackson why he made the remark.

"You Jewish, too?" asked Jackson.

Mr. October then explained that the artist was driving a hard bargain and said he asked the man if he was Jewish "because he's always working me."

Asked to clarify, Jackson said it had nothing to do with the inimical Jewish stereotype of being stingy, but rather that the artist was working Jackson's backside in a manner most pleasurable. He enjoyed it so that felt compelled to inquire as to the man's background because he thought he had aquired a new type. "I don't mean to come off prejudiced,"he said. "I just can't get with them Christian white boys. Motherfuckers can't work it without that Jew rhythm."

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