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For perhaps the first time ever, I have respect for Rex Grossman. On the heels of his abysmal Super Bowl and a nasty KSK blind item that was blatantly directed at Sexy Rexy, it would have been easy to curl up, stay inside, and lick his wounds. But sometimes life's a lot more enjoyable if you have Playboy Bunnies lick your wounds for you. ("I'm just having some tightness and a dull ache below the belt… can you massage it a little?") From the Vegas Review-Journal

SIGHTINGS: Rex Grossman, getting over Sunday's Super Bowl loss, in the company of Bunnies Cerra, April and Michelle on Wednesday night at the Playboy Club in the Palms.

Ah, Cerra Lenai, April Rawlings, and Michelle… uh, Somethingorother. Well played, Mr. Grossman. I think I'll see if they'll be my friends, too. With benefits. Like, does Playboy offer a 401(k) and health insurance?

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